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The plastics area requires all kinds of measurements. Whether on final products such as motor vehicle tyres, during the production of different compounds in the extruder or already previously during the manufacture of different pellets and additives. The thickness of the product itself is frequently measured instead of displacements and distances. On the other hand, distances and temperatures on the production systems are often measured.

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Kontrola opotřebení otvorů extruderu

The internal bore hole diameter measuring unit idiamCONTROL 801 detects the wear in the 8-shaped bore holes of extruder machines by measuring the internal diameter. For this purpose a measuring probe is ...

Blown film thickness

The thickness of blown films is an important aspect in terms of constant quality in blown film production. Partially strong thickness tolerances can occur for the production in doing so. The blown film system ...

In-line detection of protective film on PVC window frames

Company „Schüco“ manufactures PVC window frames. The PVC profiles are provided with a protective film after they are extruded. This film protects the frames from scratches and dirt. The colorCONTROL ACS7000 ...

Thickness measurement of black rubber belts

Rubber mats for the structure sealing must exhibit a specified thickness for durability and tear resistance. The thickness of the films is measured directly after the extrusion. The optoNCDT 1700 sensors used measure ...

Reading the DOT code on tyres

When manufacturing automobiles for the American market, the DOT numbers of the tyres must be stored. Vision systems are not suitable for reading the code, due to the poor contrast involved (black letters on a black background). ...

Extruder bore diameter

The idiamCONTROL system has been developed for checking the wear of extruder bores. The measuring cylinder is inserted in the case bore and pushed as far as the upper end. During retraction of the cylinder, several capacitive sensors ...

Flat film thickness

The thickness of manufactured films is frequently a decisive quality criteria in production. Specially developed thickness measurement systems are used as early as possible in the production for the check of the thickness. Dual sensors ...

Non-contacting online layer-thickness measurement of foils

In foil production online process monitoring guarantees constant product quality. MICRO-EPSILON’s KS5 combination sensor measures the layer thickness on foils in a non-contact and thus non-wearing process.

Inner liner thickness measurement

Inner liners are used in every tyre to prevent the air from escaping. As the inner liner is a characteristic relevant to safety of every tyre, there are high requirements for compliance with the target data. An important criterion is the ...

Thickness Measurement on the Calender

Rubber-coated textile and metal fabrics form the basis of tire manufacture. The rubber is applied to the fabric by calender rolling which demands a uniform layer thickness for the manufacture of high quality tires. The strength and the dimensional ...

Special roll gap measurement on calender press

For continuous, uniform material processing in the field of sealing technology, the gap between the rolls must be set with the hydraulic adjustment device and maintained constant. For this reason the top and bottom rolls are provided with a shoulder ...

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors is a wide application area. Basically there are distinctions between non-destructive/destructive, non-contact/with contact and one-side/two-sided thickness measurement. The Micro-Epsilon measuring techniques ...

Thickness measurement of rubber film

Precise thickness specifications are assigned for the manufacture of rubber film which is rolled using calender rollers. Random-sample manual measurements, as previously carried out, are no longer sufficient for today’s demands on quality assurance. Consequently, ...


Profile measurement generally describes the measurement of the object contour, flat or as a track. Basically, it is possible that either the sensor traverses across the object or the object moves through the measuring range of the sensor. It is important therefore that ...

Profile measurement system

In the field of quality assurance, e.g. in the tire industry, profile measurements of the tread and sidewall must be carried out. Sensors or complete profile measurement benches with precision laser and computer systems can be used for this which relay a fully automatic ...

Softcalender - temperature measurement

Pyrometers from Micro-Epsilon enable the monitoring of fast rotating objects such as, e.g. softcalenders for paper manufacture. The system permanently monitors the fast rotating rolls.

TIM 160 for injection mould applications

Users of injection  mould machines for plastics processing are facing increased quality requirements imposed by end-users, in particular  for  automotive applications. Because of this trend, the importance of online temperature control right after extrusion as a global ...

Measurement of sprayed skin thickness

Sprayed skins for vehicle instruments and controls and for airbag cladding are sprayed using a robot-guided nozzle. The thickness of the sprayed skin is inspected during the spraying process. An eddy current sensor measures the distance to the nickel-coated spray mould. The ...

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