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Metalurgie, slévárenství

High resistance to harsh ambient conditions is often the priority during the production of various metals. Many sensors can tolerate the high thermal loads with special protective cases and accessories. Displacement sensors are frequently also used as well as temperature sensors. Micro-Epsilon also provides complete measurement systems for the quality control.

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Non-contact thickness measurement of aluminium

For the prompt detection of incorrect thickness on aluminum strip, patented laser triangulation sensors are employed as a modern alternative solution to isotope measurement systems. To save costs the places ...

Aluminium thickness

It is important to know the thickness of the plates for the manufacture of aluminium plates. The non-contact profile measuring system measures the profile of the plates using a capacitive sensor. At the same ...


The width of the object is often an important dimension for the dimension control. The width can in some respects also be interpreted as thickness and in this case can be resolved using thickness measurement. Different ...

Iron and steel molten mass - temperature measurement

Infrared temperature sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the temperature of the molten mass in casting plants immediately before filling the moulds. The temperature values are used for monitoring the specified target temperatures.

Liquid Aluminium Level Measurement

To obtain a homogeneous oxide-free aluminium cast, the aluminium level in the open mould must be kept constant to within 1 mm or better. A constant level is achieved by controlled tilting of the furnace. The current level is measured ...

Fluid level measurement of aluminium pig irons

In Aluminium Gießereien wird die Schmelze in Formen gegossen, um daraus kleine Barren, sog. Masseln zu fertigen. Für ein konstantes Gewicht der Masseln ist der Füllstand in den Formen entscheidend. In einer speziellen Messanlage wird ...

Casting - temperature measurement

The measurement and the documentation of the production parameters in foundries are playing more and more important roles for the compliance with the quality requirements. Particular attention must be paid here to the measurement of the ...

Cooling process - temperature measurement

After pressing, the heated metal object is subjected to the cooling process. In order to guarantee a high quality finished product, a controlled cooling rate is necessary. Non-contact thermometers from Micro-Epsilon are particularly suitable ...

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors

Thickness measurement using displacement sensors is a wide application area. Basically there are distinctions between non-destructive/destructive, non-contact/with contact and one-side/two-sided thickness measurement. The Micro-Epsilon measuring ...

Fluid level measurement of aluminium pig irons

A German manufacturer of prestressed concrete products uses a number of 3D measurement systems by InSystems Automation with optical sensors made by Micro-Epsilon for quality control of railway sleepers. The systems include a portal station that is ...

Reliable quality control in the rolling mill

One of the profile rolling mills processes profile steel in reversing operation. The rod centre is then measured and evaluated using a  optoNCDT 1700-750BL.    

Displacement measurement on slag transporter

Draw-wire sensors are used to reduce the standstill time of slag transporters during the loading and unloading. They are installed on the tipping cylinder and the support cylinder. In this way, the signal of a limit switch no longer has to be waited ...

Melting furnace – temperature measurement

The non-contact temperature measurement in glass furnaces, melting furnaces and feeders is a more and more frequently used alternative to measurement with thermal elements. Micro-Epsilon provides infrared temperature measurement systems particularly ...

Steel production and processing - temperature measurement

Infrared thermometers from Micro-Epsilon are used for almost every production stage in the manufacture of steel and aluminium. The precision pyrometers from Micro-Epsilon are used in order to obtain reliable data for efficient process control. Application ...

Tunnel kiln - temperature measurement

The use of precision pyrometers is indispensable for optimum furnace regulation in order to measure the exact internal temperature. The Micro-Epsilon temperature sensors have successfully proven themselves for the stationary measurement on the furnace.

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