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If two object edges are joined together, a gap always remains. If the gap has to satisfy technical or visual requirements, the course with respect to the size must be checked. If the gap should be measured completely, laser scanners in the scanCONTROL series are ideally suitable for this. Point laser sensors in the optoNCDT group are also used for precise gap measurement over a track.

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Special roll gap measurement on calender press

For continuous, uniform material processing in the field of sealing technology, the gap between the rolls must be set with the hydraulic adjustment device and maintained constant. For this reason the top ...


Combustion engines must withstand maximum loads during a long service life. In order to deal with this requirement, eddy current sensors from the eddyNCDT series are installed in the engine for many different ...

Piston – Top Dead Centre

The Top Dead Centre of the cylinder movement is measured for adjustment of the precise ignition point in engine development. In doing so, a miniature eddy current sensor is integrated in the cylinder head cover. ...

Piston Secondary Movement and Piston Ring Position

To improve the construction of internal combustion engines and damage analyses, it is neccessary to measure the thermal and mechanical loads in the engine. Two important variables here are the transverse movement ...

Piston secondary movement

Among other things, the lateral movement of the piston in the cylinder is crucial for the service life of engines. Miniature eddy current sensors for this are integrated in the piston which measure onto the cylinder ...

Lubrication gap

Sliding bearings are used for crankshaft bearings in the engine. A specific minimum distance is required so that the bearing operates as wear-free as possible. Miniature eddy current sensors are integrated in the bearing ...

Weld seam inspection on pipes

A perfect weld seam is essential in a leak tight pipe. scanCONTROL laser scanners are therefore used during spiral welding to align the weld flanks. This results in a much more reliable welding process. The long base distance ...

Gap measurement in photovoltaic modules

The module is hermetically sealed using a vacuum during a new method for the production of photovoltaic modules. The correct distance between glass front and metal rear side is important for this vacuum. Therefore, the distance ...

Gap detection on glass

Glass substrates are required for certain medical tests. During manufacture of silicon chips, the substrate is milled in a defined grid with a depth of 800µm. For separation, the substrate is broken at pre-defined breaking points ...

Eddy current sensors in tribology testers

Eddy current sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for various measurement tasks in tribology testers of the ITR in Clausthal. They withstand the harshest ambient conditions there as they measure directly on the shaft in the tester. ...

Oil film thickness measurement in an internal combustion engine

Included in the objectives of current engine development are minimization of pollutants and the reduction of oil consumption. In order to be able to take measures in achieving these objectives, then along with a number of other factors, ...

Roller clearance

The distance of both rollers from each other or from the roller to the support surface is the crucial dimension for rolling processes for metals, plastics or other materials. In the case of sensitive processes and high material accuracies, ...

Windscreen gap

The final appearance of a product plays a crucial role everywhere that panes are positioned automatically. Apart from the shape, stability, colour etc., the final appearance is also dependent on the position of the glass in the frame. The pane ...

Cylinder breathing of the cylinder head gasket

Specially shaped eddy current sensors are integrated directly in the crankcase where they measure, for example, the expansion of the cylinder head gasket during the stroke. Pressures of up to 50 bar are produced for every ignition of a cylinder, ...

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