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thicknessCONTROL - High performance measuring systems for electrode film

thicknessCONTROL - High performance measuring systems for electrode film

Scalable systems for the thickness measurement of electrode film

Micro-Epsilon offers a wide range of thickness measuring systems for different requirements and fields of application in coating lines. The thicknessCONTROL C-frames are designed for very harsh environments such as in dry coating. Their robust frame and the integrated temperature compensation feature ensure high measurement accuracy even in high ambient temperatures. In addition, the systems are available in different application-specific designs for various film widths with up to 8 measurement tracks.



  1. High-precision thickness measuring system for coated anode and cathode film
  2. Sensor technology used: confocal chromatic sensors
  3. Ideal for thickness measurement and control in dry coating
  4. Robust design with integrated temperature compensation
  5. Thickness measuring range from 10 µm
  6. System accuracy from ±0.3 µm
  7. Comprehensive software package for data acquisition, signal processing and automation
  8. Configurable for 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 8 tracks
MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic
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Ideal for thickness measurements of up to 8 tracks

thicknessCONTROL can also be used for fixed track measurements, e.g., for center-line measurements (center thickness) or for thickness measurements on the edges. Alternatively, this sensor system can also be used for traversing thickness measurements of coated battery film. The systems can be equipped with several sensors in order to measure a maximum of 8 tracks synchronously.

Powerful analysis and control software

The thicknessCONTROL systems are comprised of an integrated linear unit including motor control, a compact bus terminal box, an automatic calibration unit as well as a multi-touch PC with pre-installed software. The software enables different measurement modes such as fixed track thickness measurement at any position, measurement of the thickness profile, measurement of several longitudinal trends, an SPC package and automated verification of the measuring system's capability.

High-performance thickness measurement even for dry coating processes

The thicknessCONTROL BTG8702 2C.4K consists of two robust measuring frames, each containing eight confocal sensors. Therefore, a total of 8 tracks of the coated film with a total width of up to 1.6 m can be monitored. Due to its robust design, this system impresses with high precision long-term measurements in dry coating processes. For fully automatic calibration, the two measurement frames travel back to their parking station.