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Inspection of painted attachments and interior parts

Fully automatic surface inspection of flat components

The requirements for the attachments are just as high as for the actual car body. The reflectCONTROL surface inspection system, familiar from car body inspection, has been adapted to the fast and high-resolution surface inspection of largely flat attachments. It recognizes and classifies the defects in an objective and repeatable way. Thanks to the large measuring field, trays can be measured in many cases in just a single capture.



  1. Objective 100% inspection of components
  2. Detection of defects after painting or during incoming goods inspection
  3. Cost reduction through early detection of defective components
  4. Less complaints by the OEM
MICRO-EPSILON Czech Republic
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Inspection parameters:

  • High resolution for the detection of minor deviations
  • Nearly color-independent detection rate from 0.6 sec
  • Measuring field: 245x116mm2 or 823 x 367 mm2
  • Stationary or on the robot (for all common robot types)