mainSENSOR: patented measuring principle for demanding measurement tasks


The mainSENSOR measures displacement and distance by using a magnet that is fixed to the measurement object. If a magnet moves, the magnetic flow in the sensor element changes, which is detected by the sensor coil. Due to dependent physical effects, this results in a linear relationship between distance and output signal.

The mainSENSOR combines the advantages of inductive and magnetic sensors. Unlike conventional magnetic sensors based on the Hall Effect principle, mainSENSOR models have a significantly expanded measuring range, while providing a continuous, linear output signal and offering more favorable pricing with large measuring ranges. In contrast to conventional inductive sensors, the advantages lie in a continuously high sensitivity even at the end of the measuring range, a high protection class due to the fully metallic housing, a compact design and the possibility of flush sensor installation in non-magnetic materials.

Magneto-inductive sensors are an ideal alternative to switches and proximity sensors, as the users can generate as many switching points as they desire from the continuous analog signal. Complex, mechanical adjustments are not required. In addition, only one sensor is needed in order to cover measuring ranges from 20 to 55 mm. The magnet used defines the measuring range. If a different measuring range is required, the magnet can be easily exchanged without any further calibration.

A special feature is the possibility to measure through non-ferromagnetic objects such as aluminum or stainless steel. In the case of harsh environmental conditions, the sensor can therefore be housed separately from the magnet in a clean environment.

The mainSENSOR’s flexible application possibilities open up a wide range of measurement tasks. The product range offers industrial standard sensors with stainless steel housings (M12, M18, M30) or a compact, flat plastic housing. For special customer requirements, the PCB and the sensor housing can be adapted for serial applications.

In addition to distance measurements, the mainSENSOR can also be used to measure rotational speed. Therefore, one or more magnets are attached to the rotating measurement object. When approaching the sensor, they generate a change of signal which can be used for rotational speed measurements. The direction of rotation does not matter when detecting the rotational speed.


  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Wear-free & maintenance-free
  • Measurement through non-ferromagnetic objects
  • Industrial sensor solution
  • Favorable pricing also for OEM applications
  • Customer-specific modifications
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