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Precise laser sensor for measuring ranges up to 750 mm

Präziser Laser-Sensor mit großem Messbereich

The two long-range models optoNCDT ILD1910-500 and ILD1910-750 are now expanding the portfolio of laser triangulation sensors. The sensors are characterized by their large measuring ranges of 500 mm or 750 mm and measure up to a distance of 700 or 950 mm with high accuracy.

The large measuring ranges are required for process control or final inspection in production lines for quality and completeness checks. These sensors are used in the automotive, paper, wood and metal industries, 3D printing and robotics applications, among others.

The laser sensors offer a perfect combination of non-contact measurement together with high accuracy and large measuring ranges. They are particularly suitable for measuring a larger distance, but also offer a flexibility advantage when positioning the sensor if only a smaller distance or the position from a slightly greater distance is to be determined.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast controller with powerful exposure
  • Compact design without external controller
  • High measuring rate of 9.5 kHz
  • Very stable and at the same time sensitive measurement until the end of the measuring range
  • Large aperture reduces interference and enables high linearity
  • Analog and digital interfaces