Performant 3D snapshot sensor


The 3D snapshot sensor surfaceCONTROL 3D 3200 is the right choice for precise geometry, shape and surface measurements on matt surfaces. The sensor has been developed for automated inline quality inspection. Its high z-axis repeatability allows the smallest flatness deviations and height differences to be reliably detected.

Together with the powerful 3DInspect software tool, the surfaceCONTROL 3D 3200 3D snapshot sensor detects even the smallest unevenness and height differences on matt surfaces. The sensor is available with measuring ranges of 80 and 120 mm. It enables extremely accurate 3D inspections in industrial inline applications with a z-axis repeatability of up to 0.6 µm. Further advantages include high measurement accuracy combined with high data processing speed and a compact design.

Initial operation and parameter set up of the sensor are easy. Gigabit Ethernet and an additional digital I/O interface enable high speed data output. In addition, the 3D snapshot sensor is compatible with 3D GigE Vision, enabling integration into third-party image processing software. The comprehensive SDK for customer software integration rounds off the software package.

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