Label detection

Label detection

When packaging drugs, correct labeling is an important criterion. Among other things, serialization data and barcodes must be applied correctly to the label to enable subsequent logistics processes and goods issue in the pharmacy.

To check the complete and correct positioning of the label, the smart colorSENSOR CFO100 color sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. These check the presence and correct position of the labels. For this purpose, the CFS4-F30/90-M sensor is mounted in the labeling machine at a distance of 5 mm above the boxes. The sensor receives the light and passes it on to the controller of the color measuring system via the optical fiber where the signal is evaluated.

The digital switching output of the controller passes the OK/NOK value directly to the machine control system. If the sensor detects that labels are missing or have been applied incorrectly, the faulty packs are sorted out directly by machine and then relabeled.

The smart, accurate colorSENSORs from Micro-Epsilon impress with their high color accuracy and repeatability. Since they precisely detect the packages at high belt speeds and enable reworking on the fly, they are ideal for 100% inline inspection. Up to 320 colors in 254 color groups can be taught in the controller. Operation is intuitive via the web interface. The sensor system for precise label detection (item number 10235596) consists of the CFO100 controller and the CFS4-F30/90 sensor. This combination impresses both by the high accuracy and the attractive price-performance ratio.

System design

  • Controller: colorSENSOR CFO100
  • Transmission sensor: CFS4-F30/90-M


  • Reliable detection of a wide range of labels and substrates such as transparent or metallic labels
  • Multi-teach function and formation of color groups
  • Modern, user-friendly web interface
  • High color accuracy and repeatability
  • Simple and fast integration of the system even in existing lines
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